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So I’m sure you’re all wondering, why hasn’t Tina been posting anything lately ? Has Tina quit writing her blog ? No, I haven’t quit writing my blog. The blog will all always be around. I just have to come up with other things to write about because the photo/art apps are over saturated. No one has really been putting out anything great, new or innovative for awhile. We are bombarded with apps that do pretty much the same thing with different buttons. The last time I saw real innovation with apps was when iPhone 6/6 Plus came out with manual controls. That was about it…

All I’ve been seeing are copycats, apps with slicker interfaces and nothing creative you can do with your photos. Most of the apps seem to be geared for social networking with slap on stickers, funny faces, fonts and filters for your selfies. However, I pla to write about SKWRT with 4PNTS and a couple of Kickstarter Campaigns. I’m also testing a couple of apps that will come out at the end of the year. That’s about it on the app front.

The other source of time consumption has been with a new jobs I got in September at Vida’s school. I also just passed my test to be a substitute classified and signed all of my paper work yesterday. I will be the traffic safety person (crossing guard), paraprofessional (teacher’s aid) and lunch monitor duties. There are other positions I qualified for too. I’ve also been volunteering my time at St. Johns for the up coming musical, Babes in Toyland with Vida and the kids there. PTA is also another time taker as well. My priorities have been constantly changing in the last three years. I have to readjust my time management better.

Just like the iPhone 7 Plus has changed with it’s dual cameras, I have changed too. I plan to upgrade my iPhone in January. It will also be easier to get one by then and see what mobile lenses will surface up to work with the dual camera system. The only thing I’ve seen is Olloclip. Their lenses will only work with the wide angle camera only. So if you were hoping for the lenses to work with the 2x telephoto camera, you’re out of luck. However I did email Ztylus and asked them their plans with the dual cameras. They are working on a new design as well. They will not reveal anything until November. But they assured me it would be better than what Olloclip has to offer. I do have high expectations with Ztylus…

I will be adding a new Facebook group for Mobile Movie Makers. So be on the look out for that up coming post, I’ll post a link for the up coming group. If you have any requests or questions, just leave a comment on this post. Have a great day and see you soon…


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