Combo Apps/iClever BoostRun BTH07 Sweatproof Sport Headphones

Here I am unboxing the iClever BoostRun Headphones, sorry about the shadow in the video. I’ve has these headphones almost two months and been using them a lot. Overall I really like these headphones because these work great and the sound is better than most Bluetooth headphones I’ve had or used.


This is everything you will get inside the box.


These headphones fit in my ear perfectly. The loop clips help keep the headphones in place so they don’t fall out.


This will give you an idea of battery life along with standby time. They pretty much work all day. The charge time is about 30 minutes give or take.


You can pair these headphones with just about any device that has Bluetooth built-in. Overall my experience with these headphones have been great. They have Bluetooth 4.1, so you have a better connection and better battery life with the headphones and mobile devices. At the moment they are out of stock on Amazon, so I’m not sure if they will get more of these headphones. I hope they do because they actually work great !!!

If you have any question please leave comments, have a great day and see you soon !!!


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