Combo Apps/SharpEye Lens from DCkina

SharpEye Lens

What I have here is a SharpEye Lens from DCkina. It has a 13.2mm thread mount and comes with a case, lens caps from and back (not shown), lens hood and lens cloth. I have the Quick Clip version. They also have other package deals with this lens. You can also just buy the lens separately.

SharpEye Lens

This is a pretty big and heavy lens to mount onto your iPhone. I recommend taking the case with yo while you use this lens. The lens is not made to throw in your camera bag or in your pocket. It’s on the heavy size, so make sure you secure the lens on properly before you start using it.

SharpEye Demo - 1

SharpEye Demo - 2

I did so a couple of test shots with this lens. It’s pretty sharp with a little bit of a blurred edge. In my opinion if you’re looking for a quality wide angle lens for shooting video, this would be a great lens to add in your mobile video gear. I haven’t gone out shooting video with this lens yet. But I plan to in the future and show in a future blog post.

This is only a full frame wide angle lens. There are no macro lenses to screw off at the bottom. It has a quality solid build and heavy.

– Dimensions: 35mm diameter (the lens)
– Description: Full Frame WIDE ANGLE LENS
– Magnification: Ultra Wide = 0.60X
– Minimum Focus Distance: Ultra Wide = 10 mm
– Angle of View: Diagonal = 100°
– Lens Construction: 4 Multi AR Coated Glass elements in 4 groups
– Dimensions: 34.80 mm (Ø) x 29.50 mm (h)
– Weight: 45.0g (lens only)

Product List:
SharpEye Lens Only – $96.95
SharpEye Lens with Quick Clip – $99.95
SharpEye LEns with Case – $99.95

If  you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or contact DCkina at Facebook or their home page. Have a great day and see you soon.


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