Mobile Monochromes New Years Showcase (#MMXmas)

This month’s showcase is another themed one. I asked the members of the group to hash tag their photos #MMXmas. It’s a very wintry and holiday filled showcase.

Number 1: Sorin Obaciu‎

Number 2: Dirk Decker‎ – all those years…mono life

Number 3: Donna Donato

Number 4: Patricia Januszkiewicz‎ – shell tree in sand…broken shells and starfish…

Number 5: Kate Zari Roberts‎

Number 6: Liliana Schwitter‎

Number 7: Jeffrey A Thomas‎ – Oh, Christmas Tree

Number 8: John Oltmanns‎ – Freezing

Number 9: Mike Baler‎

Number 10: Janis Brandenburg Lee‎

Number 11: Carol Smith

Number 12: Edward Santos‎ – Saks 5th ave Christmas Window Decorations, NYC.

Number 13: Vicki Cooper‎ – First Snow, 12/15/16

Number 14: Mitch Cameron-Mitchell‎ – Shoppers

Number 15: Jill Lian‎

Number 16: Sarah D. Zimmerman‎ – Christmas in the City

Number 17: Daniel Marcolina‎ – Hidden Angel

Number 18: Karen Axelrad‎ – Cook

Number 19: Kim Martino-Diaz‎

Number 20: Michel St-André‎

Number 21: Marian Seid Rubin‎

Number 22: Brian Purnell‎ – “Popsicles and Icicles”

Number 23: Victoria Garcia-Sandlin‎

Number 24: Alexis Rotella‎ – Contentment — with Carrie Kopp Adams.

Number 25: Andrew Lucchesi‎

Honorable Contributor: Allyson Marie‎ – Counting sheep

Honorable Contributor – Erik Lieber – Holiday Movement


Congratulations to all of the artist that were chosen for this month’s New Years Showcase and for participating in the #MMXmas Showcase. Congratulations to John Wrather‎ for this month’s group cover page. Keep on posting and see you next month and HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

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