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I know I haven’t written anything in while. So I’m going to tell you what’s been going on and my plans for the future. I’ll still write the blog but the blog will go into a different direction. I’m looking for buy a mirrorless camera and a new iPad (upgrade). Now you’re wondering what brand of camera will I get and other gear. I’m going to go with Canon because I have Canon Lenses. Their mirrorless camera line has vastly improved over the years. I plan to buy a Canon M6 when it hits the market. I had a great chat with one of the leading photographer bloggers last night. He helped me make up my mind and convince me to wait.


I do know they have a different lens mount in their mirrorless line. That’s no problem, I can buy an adapter to use my canon lenses. Why mirrorless and not a DSLR ? Simple answer mirrorless is the future and the Sony a7 series cameras have changed everything for the future of DSLR, It wouldn’t surprise me if DSLR will be phased out one by one over time.

Plus I miss using a larger camera, photos apps are far and a few in between these days and Apple changed the iPhone with dual cameras. I will still write about mobile photo, Mobile Monochromes and other things. I just want to go back to using a regular camera with interchangeable lenses.


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2 Responses to Combo Apps/Mirrorless Wonder

  1. dionneashley says:

    I think that’s awesome! Last year, I also took the plunge and I’ve never looked back. Being a Canon user as well, I opted for the Sony A7rII with the metabones adapter. I hesitated for months due to the huge price tag and equally huge commitment this would mean, but the final selling point was this camera’s compatibility with my canon lenses. My now back-up camera is Canon T4i, so most of my lenses were cropped. I’ve slowly added some full frames to my collections (3 Sony lenses to be exact), but I still love using my canon primes. I can still even use my old Tamron lenses in a fully functional way with the metabones, but I find myself using the Tamron lenses less and less due to their use of a cropped sensor (although I have the option to crop the Sony for lenses like these). Bottom line is, I’m happy with my choice and I hope you’re equally as happy with yours! I look forward to hearing about your new Canon… 🙂 Cheers, Dee

  2. dionneashley says:

    One last thing… I’ve very recently been experimenting with “legacy” lenses – a possibility that has been opened up to me with the mirrorless camera. I highly recommend looking into this once you feel comfortable with your camera. The possibilities seem endless with the relatively cheap adaptor options (I coughed up the money for the more expensive adaptor for my main one though, the EOS adaptor) coupled with the incredible deals and finds you can come across if you just dig a little. Just recently, I found a great Minolta prime lens for $15.00 at a garage sale and purchased a 20 or 30.00 adaptor for it. After buying three or four adapters for the big brands, you can basically shoot with whatever your heart desires. I’ve had so much fun experimenting with all of the older lenses out there!

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